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My experience with SOIL DYNATEC Meditation:


So far I've learnt from SOIL the following dynamic meditations:

1) Brain expansion,

2) Brain marching to energize left and right hemisphere as well as the midbrain,

3) Cosmic kapalBhati

4) Shifting Centre kapalBhati.

Today I learnt a new meditation call Dynatec, which is meditation for dynamic energisation of energy centers(plexus/chakras).

A) I started by breathing from the earth in a kneeled posture and drawing energy through the legs in co-ordination with my hands.

B) Then when I reached my vital centre in the pelvis region, I rotated my breath like a spiral, 5 times and stayed there for a while, before shifting to the next, Manipur or Hara centre.

C) I rotated the breath spirally at Manipur 5 times and lifted my hands to the solar plexus.

D) I rotated the energy through breath with the help of my circulating hands 5 times at solar plexus very slowly and shifted to my Heart Centre (Anahat Chakra).

E) I did the same rotation of energy at Anahat center 5 times, before shifting to my throat Centre which is Vishuddh Chakra.

F) There I rotated my breath 5 times before shifting to mouth region to circulate the energy into my tongue, teeth and Jaws.

G) Then I shifted to upper part of my brain where I rotated my breath slowly, 10 times.

H) After this I breathed out, kneeling down to earth. Then I repeated same process for second time.

Each round took about 8 to 9 minutes, totally 18 miniutes.

My experience is as follows:

1) I felt energetic calm throughout the body

2) I felt as if i am assimilating, reconnecting and energizing each Chakra as part of network of energy centers.

3) At the end of 16 minutes I felt that I have learnt a very useful way of changing my inner state of energy level.

4) This made me learn how to assimilate, reconnect and harmonise the energy in the whole body.

This was wonderful new experience that I would like to repeat and teach others.

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