A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


A Turning point towards a meaningful life

I am 34, an executive in diamond industry. For long i was nuturing a feeling that my life needs a change from the repetitive, non changing routine i was living. Yet i did not know where to go. However the search was constant. Incidently i came across a SOIL volunteer in an occation around 30th may 2017. He invited me for trial practice session. I felt on the very first day, an initial taste of what it is to "feel" energy in the body and to get refreshed in a small time.

It is now nearly a month that i am practicing regularly several SOIL breathing, stretching and visualizing practices. I experienced marked sense of having a break with previous day and a feeling of rejuvnation for the new day. I feel that i can slow down my aging process while vigorating myself in a new way as i go on practicing.

I have had instructions for only 4 to 5 sessions. But i am unfailingly practicing for nearly a month. I have also gone through detailed instructions with orientation regarding distributing energy produced through the practices. I have experienced that:
1. My capacity to perceive energy has become sharp and skill to direct it has become more efficient. I have learnt how to not only direct the energy at any particular part of body but also learnt how to circulate, spiral, expand, contract and focus it where i want.
2. I have understood the difference between visualisation and imagination.
3. I realized that imagination is a mental capacity. However visualisation is capacity to complete a thing psychologically and perceive it. I understood that visualisation helps actualization.

Among the practices i did:
a) Brain March was useful for selective Rapid energization.
b) Focused Kapalbhati was a rapid energisation of the body center we give attention to.
c) Brain Activation was selective energization of whole brain including Medula, Midbrain and Front lobe.
d) Brain expansion on X axis Y axis and Z axis was a virtual expansion of my capacity to visualise perceive and feel the expansion.
e) These are all new capacities and new skills I have developed over 1 month practice but just in 4 days training.

Name:- Vishal Kampani
Address:- Mangrol Vanik Nivas, ground floor, Jain deraser marg, santacruz west Mumbai-54
Mobile:- +91 9820955130
Email:- vishal.kampani23@gmail.com