A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Enthusiasm, Perseverance and precision is what makes you who you are... A short biographical sketch of viren as I see him



I have a daily gratitude meditation session for about 15 to 20 minutes before i start energy meditations. The purpose is to acknowledge, appreciate and express gratitude to people who contributed to my life by saying " thanks that you came in life, I am what i am now."

This morning your image appeared with a smiling face and I told you " Viren, you continue in me just as I do possibly in you".

Viren, i have seen you growing by your qualities of grit, adhesion to humanist doctrine and by your willingness to give.

The contribution you have given in procuring know-how on dome, design and facilitating collaboration of right persons spoke of your dexterity of management and gathering resources. Generations in Humanist Movement will be grateful for your behind the scene efforts.

I have always liked these qualities of your character but what i learnt most from you was when your elder daughter was swept away by glaciers years back. I saw you then in you, your amazing equilibrium, optimism and determination. You avoided emotionalism. You never felt defeated. I thought, I should learn to be what you are. Regularity, punctuality and converting of humanist doctrine to practicality are your strength. You continuously tend to innovate new expressions of humanist doctrine so that many people find it easy and useful to learn a new way of seeing life.

Viren, you are a great husband, a selfless reference for your family and a very upright person. You reflect the image of your orientor Franco while you get inspired by Fernando.

I admire you for the way you have guided your life. For remaining in association with me always, I am grateful to you and feel proud of who you are.

Receive my immense appreciation