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I am a Mechanical Engineering Graduate involved actively with subject and practices of activating energy centres in the body. I am an Energy Master from Humanist Movement in the world. Besides, i have initial experience concerning practices that activate energy centres called 'Chakras'.

I knew about The School of Internal Literacy called SOIL. I learnt that SOIL have practices that aim at merging energies concentrated in different charkras of the body with the cosmic energies as their integral .

I tried the practice called E-Merge. It taught me to draw the energies from the earth in synchrony with movement of body, corresponding to centres in the spine. I gradually connected activation of each centre while ascending from the Vital Centre at pelvis to my top centre at Crown.

Beyond that i was guided to follow Cosmic Energy Pattern called Torus. Torus pattern of hand movements tend to merge the body energies with the limitless cosmic expanse. The movements are repeated several times to extend up to cosmic vastness with rhythm and synchrony. Possibly i did 50 slow rounds while moving upward from pelvis to crown and about 50 slow rounds while reversing from crown to pelvis.

The whole experience took about 25 minutes.

My experience.

1. For the first time i perceived a feeling of expanse and thought-free fullness of energy that i had not experienced before. I realize its great usefulness as a daily practice to start the day with exuberance.

2. I had heard about transcendence as the act of rising above something to a superior state. But this was the first time i experienced what it is feel an energy field that rises beyond and above my body limits .

3. Most important thing for me was to realize that i was taught everything without obligation in an environment of friendliness and without any conditions for repeated visits. One session was complete in itself that i could repeat on my own for perfection. However my teacher was available voluntarily for guidance when necessary.

4. Whole practice was made available on an animated video for anyone to learn and gain first hand experience.

I found SOIL as humanist in its approach and a beneficial movement for spreading basic internal literacy in the world .

Name : Vipul Mody

Address: Express Highway, B Wing, 103/ A, Shreyas Industrial Estate, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon East, Mumbai - 400063

Mobiles: 00919223412357

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