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I learnt how a housewife can feel different with few minutes of meditation

First day learning: 24.08 2015
Practice: Soil Treelizing meditation
Time devoted: 12 minutes
I am Mrs Vidya Gothi, 52, a housewife, mother of 2 children,each child between 36 to 40 years of age. My present weight is about 89 to 90 kg. at height of about 5 feet.
Today i learnt and practiced for the first time Soil Treelizing meditation to experience how brain neurons can be made to breathe in and breathe out deeeply by themselves and how whole brain can experience energy circulation everywhere.
Under instructions,I did Tree visualization breathing meditation for about 12 minutes to experience this.
I have never done any physical nor breathing exercises earlier in my life This was the first time. My experience as follows:
1. My Brain felt more than double the energy before i started and after i finished 12 minutes of practice.
2. My body was tired a little but my brain felt energized much more.
3. I felt much more pleasant and joyful rather than exhaused, though my eyes felt tired. But the Joy of new experience was greater than pain of doing the exercise.
4. I mentally feltmore open and expanded compared to my usual state of feeling. As a house bound woman i generally feel alone, enclosed and restricted in daily life.
5. I feel like repeating this meditation twice daily in morning and evening to introduce energy,joy and expansion to my basis of daily living.
Name : Mrs Vidya Satish Gothi
Designation : housewife, mother of 2 children,each child between 36 to 40 years of age.
Age : 52 - Female
Adreess: SD/32 Rameshwar 36/40 S.V.Road, Opp.Khiranagar Santicruz west Mumbai 400054
Mobiles: 9833044501.