A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Just 26 minutes of brain march and smiling meditation created a profound reflection of body and life situation

Practice: Soil practices
Time devoted: 26 minutes
I am Dr Trupti Mehta, M.D. In Internal medicine working as hospitalist in San Francisco USA. I cam across SOIL teaching through a close friend in India. For years I have been reading and trying to learn about Self help and about remaining at peace with myself in midst of unexpected situations that life presents in one or another form. Today I did an on the spot experience lasting 26 minutes with Soil's energizing methods as follows:
  • I had a 6 minute Brain March followed by 10 minute rest.
  • Then the rest was followed by two sets of Soil's stretched trio- breath done in supine position.
  • Meanwhile i saw Soil's video on Smiling Meditation lasting abot 6 minute.I tried to actualize the video method with closed eye.
  • The process involved feeling each organ of the body and smiling to it to build friendship with body, mind and life as an expression of joy and gratitude. It was a great small period of reflection about life that made me realise how much I have to be grateful for.It was a profound reflection. At the end of 26 minute of experience now I can say the following:
  • I felt a deep sense of calm and acceptance that gave me a sense of peace. I had never such profound experience in life in such a short time.
  • What really helped me was the great energization the 6 minute Brain March produced in a brief but well designed movement of hands and legs.
  • I look forward to learn more and practice regularly as introduction to start of the day.
    Name : Dr Trupti Mehta
    Designation : M.D. In Internal medicine working as hospitalist in San Francisco USA
    Adreess: 439 Calistoga circle Freemont, California, USA 94536