A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



1. Having history of brain Tumor in the centre of the brain which cannot be removed surgically Apeksha, Mumbai Click Here
2. My first experience of being enclosed touch with my self. I learnt how to start a new day Snehsha, Mumbai Click Here
3. I first encounter of soil felt like synthesis of many mystical doctraine Dr. Rahul Yande from Beed Click Here
4. Just 26 minutes of brain march and smiling meditation created a profound reflection of body and life situation Dr Trupti Mehta from California, USA Click Here
5. Height psychology creates an experience of going beyond present situation of mind with soil meditation Neha Nahata, Rajastan Click Here
6. 18 minutes Body - Mind homogenization soil meditation Harshita Agarwal, Mumbai Click Here
7. I learnt Brain Energization by simple method in SOIL Prajakta Cholkhane, Latur Click Here
8. A very different experience of well being in few minutes of meditation Harendra Shah Click Here
9. I learnt how a housewife can feel different with few minutes of meditation Mrs Vidya Satish Gothi, Mumbai Click Here
10. I learnt that expansion of brain is possible through visualization Kuntal Shah, Mumbai Click Here
11. When i preceded soil brain march before gym workout it changed everything within me. Nitin Kawde, Mumbai Click Here
12. Soil changed my career from a car driver to a film editor through guidence Dhananjay Kawde, Mumbai Click Here
13. In 30 minutes i experience intense energization and expansion of the whole structure of brain Dhimant Shah, Mumbai Click Here
14. In 25 minutes i could experience a new openess in my mind Pinki, Mumbai Click Here
15. A journey life of drudgery and routine to meaningful living Avinash Sharma, Mumbai Click Here
16. I experience openess as barriers within me were broken Navin Ahuja, Mumbai Click Here
17. I am a doctor, studied Orthopedics in a reputed Hardikar Hospital in Pune after MBBS Dr. Anant Pandhare, Aurangabad Click Here
18. Hello Nanaji. To share my experience of the exercise with you, i would say, I have been doing it in the night everyday Arjun, Mumbai Click Here
19. I tried SOIL breathing and streching methods. The results are following Jayvant kamdar, Ahmedabad Click Here
20. I tried SOIL BRAIN DYNOGRAM in presense of an instructor and after viewing the video Steve brett, London Click Here
21. For the first time i perceived a feeling of expanse and thought-free fullness of energy that i had not experienced before Vipul Mody, Mumbai Click Here
22. I have had instructions for only 4 to 5 sessions. But i am unfailingly practicing for nearly a month Vishal Kampani, Mumbai Click Here
23. I am Remo Solary from Italy, an Industrialist and a businessman Remo Solari, Italy Click Here
24. l am Nisha Sharma, Linesh Sheth is my father Nisha Sharma Click Here
25. I met my teacher Linesh Sheth today since I was informed of his poor health Arjun Panwar Click Here
26. I went to my teacher, Mr Linesh Sheth today, to enquire about his well being Manav Sheth Click Here
27. First Experience of Silence that made me feel Bharat Panchal Click Here
28. I am Hari Asrani, 68 years of age. I am alos a neighbour of Mr. Linesh Sheth and an old student of Soil Hari Asrani Click Here
29. I am Dr. Sanjana Shah, an Endodontist and General Dentist, and have been following SOIL stories and testimonies for a while now Sanjana Shah Click Here
30. My experience with Soil Practices Remo Solari Click Here
31. A Real Life Monk Choose To Become a Formal Monk Ashwin Vira Click Here
32. A Serene experience with Soil that produced a new Optimism in just two hours... Jyotsna Click Here
33. A short Soil practice, profound experience Chitvan, Boston, USA Click Here
34. Amazing discovery of Soil Brain March Ramesh Hingorani Click Here
35. Arun Panwar recounts impact of Soil practices on his life over a period Arjun Panwar Click Here
36. A Breathing Solution for migrain and brain energization Anuj Jaisinghani Click Here
37. Enthusiasm, Perseverance and precision is what makes you who you are... A short biographical sketch of viren as I see him Viren Click Here
38. Experience of a medical doctor on Soil Brain Dynogram Dr. Mukta Bidikar Click Here
39. Experience of Soil Practices by an earnest student Juzer Udaipuri Click Here
40. Girish Kanade from a small town recalls his passage with Soil Girish Kanade Click Here
41. Journey of life starts when you practice what you learn, synthesize those learnings go on improving Avinash Sharma Click Here
42. From the very first moment of conversation, it was clear that business will not be the point of interest but a more profound connection was about take place Leonardo Froymovich Click Here
43. I was suffering from migrane ..i discussed it with my Soil orientor as usual. Shabnam Iqbal Click Here
44. Today i learnt the steps of contacting the profound within me and experience it. Bhavna Bhagat Click Here
45. My discovery of guide to the inner road through soil Mubeen Faroqi Click Here
46. My first experience of how inner states can be changed at will first session with "SOIL" Shabnam Iqbal Click Here
47. My first experience opening up my internal barriers with Soil Practices Shabnam Euromac Click Here
48. I first met Linesh in 1991 when I was studying MBBS at Latur Dr. Rahul Yande Click Here
49. I was explained the technology of Brain expansion in context of height psychology of meditation Neha Nahata Click Here
50. Vishal came in touch with activities of Humanist Movement and studied principles of Internal work from SOIL Vishal Click Here
51. Prajakta Cholkhane tells how a positive envirnoment in a family influences everyone through following what is best Prajakta Cholkhane Click Here
52. Realization of Bhavna Bhagat with soil Practices Bhavna Bhagat Click Here
53. Dr. Shruti experiences her encounter with soil meditation Dr. Shruti Click Here
54. Unusual experience of Soil Cosmic Meditation Sidhharth, Boston, USA Click Here
55. ध्यान में जैसा तुम्हारा सन्दर्भ वैसाही तुम्हारा अनुभव होता है. शिवलीला Click Here
56. Sidharth from Boston USA on his experiences with SOIL Sidhharth Gehlot Click Here
57. Today i deed 6 minutes of Brain March and about 20 minutes of cosmic meditation. Abhishek Sharma Click Here
58. Story of a mediocre to a meaningful life by Shivleela Cholkhane Shivleela Click Here
59. Story of An Extra Ordinary Experience of being in touch with The Profound Devendra Narula Devendra Narula Click Here
60. Story of formation of my character with soil's teachings practices Manav Sheth Click Here
61. Soil Hitesh Shah's Testimony On Brain Dynogram Hitesh Shah Click Here
62. I was introduced to SOIL, The School of Internal Literacy, as a part of Humanist Movement Aarohi Kampani Click Here
63. I was always fascinated by the phenomenon of breath as a living agent that flows spontaneously within us not only as a sustainer of life but also as life's maintainer of harmony and balance Akshay Kulkarni Click Here
64. SOIL, was a revealing platform for me about knowing that our body and brain can be abundantly energized easily through our breath, stretch and visualization Amit Srivastav, Dubai Click Here
65. Somewhere in my mind i had a deep desire that I should learn meditation, a way to be in honest touch with my innerself Anna Carvalho, Turkey Click Here
66. you are an authentic seeker, keen learner and avid practioner Alexandra, UK Click Here
67. It was a new experience for me and I not only felt calm but also felt composed in that moment Arjun Panwar Click Here
68. I already knew Soil ,had some idea and even little experience of its Moving meditation techniques Avinash Sharma Click Here
69. I met Silo's thought through "The World Center for Humanist Studies" through Parimal Merchant at our office about 2 years back Chandra Chorghe Click Here
70. I am convinced that if I practice them, my memory will be better, and I will do my best in order to practice them nearly every day Eugenio, Italy Click Here
71. I travelled all the way to Mumbai from Delhi to experience new learnings about energy in my body and mind Mrinal Gautam Click Here
72. Effect of Soil practices on neurologic disorder like twitching: Karan Kampani from USA tells his experience Karan Kampani Click Here
73. I was told that central theme of participation in Soil was practice ,not just an intellectual question about meaning and purpose of life Kiran Reddy Click Here
74. My Experience with important The two meditation sessions with SOIL in two weeks shifted my inner bend of mind from a gloomy, depressed, bored housewife to an energetic, fresh and vibrantly calm woman, ready to take initiative in life, discarding my lethargy Dr Sujata Shetty Click Here
75. Even today I practice daily Reiki, Kapalbhati and yoga asanas coupled with conscious breathing Jaywant Kamdar Click Here
76. My Involvement and Process This recount of the year 1976, more than 40 years almost to the day of this memoir Linesh Sheth Click Here
77. How SOIL Brain dynogram helps decision making in management Vishakha Bhagnani Click Here
78. A brief meditation on setting attitude for the day Torben Krause Click Here
79. A Turning point towards a meaningful life Vishal Kampani Click Here
80. I am Vivek Terkar, associated with SOIL from the days it was called "The Movement" Vivek Terkar Click Here
81. Silo's thoughts run into my family as a culture Pallavi Cholkhane Click Here
82. Brain March i did for about 12 minutes, produced vibrations throughtout my body Paras Shah Click Here
83. I would like to be in touch with other members of Humanist Movement from which Soil derives its inspiration Parth Bhansali Click Here
84. I was attracted because i was always searching how to acquire peace, quietness, joy, energy but did not how to go about getting it Pooja Vasu Click Here
85. Under a teacher's guidance, i learnt the triology of work on brain that consisted of three practices Sanjeev Maurya Click Here
86. The first dynamic breathing exercise he asked me to try was SOIL March. It barely took 6 minutes overall Sitara Shah Click Here
87. Being a consumer to a giver, from isoloation to integrity with the world... an experience of Soil meditator Juzer Udaipuri Click Here
88. Today I visited the place I truly belonged to, which was my own Jyotsna Click Here
89. Connecting back to the source brought a certain sense of peace, assurance and a feeling of oneness with the universe Vishakha Bhagnani Click Here
90. जीवन में सतत एक मार्गदर्शक से शिक्षा पाने का अनुभव शिवलीला Click Here
91. Today had a learning SOIL session with Linesh Sheth and I learnt three dimensions of Life Manav Sheth Click Here
92. You are our beacon of light. You inspire us. I look at you and get amazed Sidhharth Gehlot Click Here