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Having history of brain Tumor in the centre of the brain which cannot be removed surgically.As a result there was less blood circulation on right side of brain. There was a complete loss of vision of right eye. There was a occurrence of dizziness, loss of balance and no recognition of next step of staircase while climbing up and going down. After 3 weeks of Soil sensory activation practice daily for 20 minutes results are following:
1. There is about 200% improvement in fresh feeling in Brain.
2. There is a very marked improvement in recognition of next step while climbing and going down the steps of a staircase... Read more

SMILING MEDITATION :Time taken: about 12 minutes.
It was Very relaxing .This dimension was completely new as an experience . I Used to do physical activities for a reason outside and around myself. But this meditation created a deep inner touch with my body ,mind and life process. I never felt so close to myself before. I think i learnt first lesson of what it is to begin to 'feel' myself... Read more

The particular concepts of Soil i liked are the following :
Soil's way of engaged spiritualism in which one communicates and gives selflessly to lose the otherness of others in the world as against withdrawing from it for personal salvation . I really liked its height psychology to transcend personal interest in life to create a better world...Read more
...On Smiling Meditation lasting abot 6 minute, i tried to actualize the video method with closed eye. It was a great small period of reflection about life that made me realise how much I have to be grateful for.It was a profound reflection.
I had a 6 minute Brain March followed by 10 minute rest. What really helped me was the great energization the 6 minute Brain March produced in a brief but well designed movement of hands and legs.Read more
Brain Expansion:
As compared to when i started , i felt an overall energization level expanded two times .It was not just brain that expanded change, but my whole being, and my perception of presence in life that changed drastically .Read more
Brain Expansion
Before i began the walk my mind was unclear, unsettled and a little uncertain of situation.
After 6 just minutes of breath oriented conscious walk, i felt a sense of clarity, freshness and energy in left,right and midbrain region with an energising quiet. It was beyond my expectation.Read more
Practice: Brain Energization Meditation
I practice Soil Brain Energization regularly for last few months. Main benefits :
1. Increaed Concentration
2. Positive attitude towards everything.
3. It has changed my behavior pattern.
4. My calmness and confidence level have increased day by day. Read more
I am very consistently practicing all soil practices and feel fine. I start my meditation , and other practises from 4 am onwards regularly without gap and disturbance. It rewards me with beautiful results, and for the whole day, i feel excellently. Read more
My experience as follows:
1. My Brain felt more than double the energy before i started and after i finished 12 minutes of practice.
2. My body was tired a little but my brain felt energized much more.
3. I felt much more pleasant and joyful rather than exhaused, though my eyes felt tired. But the Joy of new experience was greater than pain of doing the exercise. Read more
l learnt:
1. A way of unforced closure of eyes that produces a deep quiet within without any effort. It was quite a revealing experience.
2. A method of drawing energy from the earth, raising and circulating it within the the skull and the brain structure from back of the body through spine, from front of the body and from middle of the body through all the organs.(Trio Breath).
3. How to break the habitual limits of the brain by expanding them on horizontal,( X-axis), vertical (Y-axis) and Z axis.
4. How to feel the organs of the body and to recognize contributions made by mind and 'life' to my way of living. I learnt to smile to them and be grateful in recognition. This was the best part and very satisfying. Read more
I am doing regularly Brain March before I go for Gym practice. My experience is that:
• In Gym I used to workout for 50 minute and used to feel exhausted- more tired than energetic.
• When I preceded it by doing a 12 minute march, including rest, I experienced that I felt very energetic while doing the workout. Initial lethargy I used to feel before start had completely vanished.
• I feel very energetic throughout the day and particularly my local train journey does not wear me out as it used to. Read more
Thanks to SOIL and its orientors, in just six years, from a village boy to a non-discript car driver, to an Asst Film editor, my journey has seen an ascending inner graph. I experienced more mental clarity, rise in energy levels and rise in my spirits.I have learnt, more by example, than by teaching, that giving in life is to centre ourselves in others,to see future even in those that look ordinary,humble and uneducated.
I learnt that receiving makes me hungry for more but giving enlarges my world and gives meaning to the way i exist. Read more
I attended a Soil two hour practice session on invitation to try Soil Energizing meditations.
I could actually feel tingling sensation on right side and same on left side. Energy level was high. Freshness was high. Exoerienced a balance of energy on both sides -left and right.
It was a revelation for me that our inner states can be changed in such a short time from one to another level of elevated feeling of awareness. I would like to teach this to others. Read more
I learnt that it is based on Soil's pricinciples of energy that states:
• Human body is the conductor of energy and is wirelessly connected with great energy sources of Earth, Atmosphere and Cosmos.
• Breath creates energy, the life force. Breath flows from any of these sources when we breathe with a feeling of oneness with them. Read more
I regularly practice SOIL exercises:
All these exercises take up 75 to 90 mins of my day. But the effects are enormous. I feel active and energetic throughout the day. I feel i am more alert and more receptive when people are talking to me. I no longer feel drained and sleepy in the afternoons. The brain seems more energized altogether. It has a massive effect of my reading and grasping skills. Read more
Here is what I sincerely experienced.
1. Feeling very serene, very calm, expanded and open as if some barriers are broken.
2 Throughout 14 minutes, there was full concentration, feeing of connection to earth, ecosphere, and cosmos.
3. I felt complete absence of thoughts or any interference during practice.
4. There was circulation of energy in the whole body. Read more
I am a doctor, studied Orthopedics in a reputed Hardikar Hospital in Pune after MBBS. After practicing medicine for 7 years
My experience with SOIL practices:-
First time I felt the real physical experience of presence of brain in my head. There was abundance of activity happening in my head as if energy is flowing and a current is getting circulated.
In spite of being Medical Doctor, I preferred to comment as a lay man that time. I was feeling like the brain is getting recharged. And there was immense pleasure I was experiencing. Read more
Practice: Torus Meditation
Hello Nanaji. To share my experience of the exercise with you, i would say, I have been doing it in the night everyday. It helps me create an aura of calm inside my mind and body and gives me a peaceful sleep and when I get up in the morning I'm completely rejuvenated. It's also beneficial for me in the night as with my studies and other readings it helps me rest my mind which has been at work all day long.
Name : Arjun
Mobiles: 9833745635 Read more
I tried SOIL breathing and streching methods. The results are following:
a) The first positive results were felt within three months . Could feel life coming back to my fingers first and slowly to other parts of the feet .
b) I could also feel freeness in my knee joints .
c) slowly I regained senses in other areas of my feet and felt tighter grip on the floor today, almost after three years plus, I have regained senses in almost the entire feet of both legs. Numbness has gone.
d ) Ankle area has seen lesser improvement compared to other areas in terms of freeness . It is a lot more freer then initial stage . still feel heaviness in this joint.
e ) Better grip on the floor . Can now stand on a spot for a longer period. Better Balance . Read more
I tried SOIL BRAIN DYNOGRAM in presense of an instructor and after viewing the video:
Though it took 20 minutes for me and I breathed 150 times with movement of hands, it did not give me a sense of exhaustion. On the contrary, i felt sensation of energy throughout my body...
Overall, the Soil Brain Dynogram could be incredibly beneficial to every one. I felt that the practice is not just about breathing and feeling greatly energetic, in fact , it helps expansion of consciousness, increase in livelines and indeed helps connectivity with everything that exists. Read more
My experience with SOIL.
1. For the first time i perceived a feeling of expanse and thought-free fullness of energy that i had not experienced before . I feel its great usefulness as a daily practice to start the day with exuberance.
2. I had heard about transcendence but this was the first time i experienced what it is feel an energy field that extends beyond and above the body limits .
3. Most important thing for me was to realize that i was taught everything without obligation in an environment of friendliness and without any conditions for repeated visits. One session was complete in itself that i could repeat on my own for perfection. However my teacher was available voluntarily for guidance when necessary.
4. Whole practice was made available on an animated video for anyone to learn and gain first hand experience.
I found SOIL as humanist in its approach and a beneficial movement for spreading basic internal literacy in the world . Read more
I have had instructions for only 4 to 5 sessions. But i am unfailingly practicing for nearly a month. I have also gone through detailed instructions with orientation regarding distributing energy produced through the practices. I have experienced that:
1. My capacity to perceive energy has become sharp and skill to direct it has become more efficient. I have learnt how to not only direct the energy at any particular part of body but also learnt how to circulate, spiral, expand, contract and focus it where i want.
2. I have understood the difference between visualisation and imagination.
3. I realized that imagination is a mental capacity. However visualisation is capacity to complete a thing psychologically and perceive it. I understood that visualisation helps actualization. Read more
The context of the approach was to work with idea of emergence of a " new man" with new inner contents. In process, we would draw upon the various materials of Humanist Movement, influences from different masters, use the internet extensively and synthesize the learnings.
I gradually started feeling that persistent search in the field of energy was unleashing a creative discoveries in my life.I felt that I am moving towards mastering an important know-how about Energy Psychology. I felt an inner worth that had a weight of a different kind because it had inner substance. I was beginning to know what it is to give direction to one's way of living. Read more

Each process took about 8 to 9 minutes my experience are as follows,

1) I felt energetic calm throughout the body

2) I had an experience assimilating, reconnecting and energizing the each Chakra as network of energy centre.

3) At the end of 16 minutes I felt that I have learnt a very useful way of changing my inner state of energy level.

4) I knew how to assimilate, reconnect and harmonise the energy in whole body.

This was wonderful new experience that I would like to repeat and teach. Read more

As a conclusion, I can say I felt better, more energetic and alert. I value this exercise as very important for doing it daily before going out of house. I was told that I should do this exercise with empty stomach.

My instructor told me the benefits of regular brain march as a great protector against epilepsy, Brain Stroke, alzheimer, dementia and brain disorders. He said the normal complaints like headaches, boredom, depression etc. are surly avoided and replaced by enthusiasm for living. Read more