A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



Practice: Practitioner of meditation
I am a Graduate in Social sciences,
63 years of Age and working in Cultural Dialogue in UK.

As a regular practitioner of meditation, I met Soil in India through an acquiaintance to understand the effect of Dynamic Moving meditation developed by SOIL. In the meeting , I saw the animated video of what was known as "Soil Brain Dynogram":

The Video presentation was beautiful ,illustratve, instructive . I felt that, by watching it, any new comer can clearly learn, do it himself and can even teach it to others.

The video required one to emplace in a very enlarged context of Earth, atmosphere and cosmos for starting the mediation and connect all the three great energy sources through hand coordinated breathing and focused attention on different sides of body.

Though it took 20 minutes for me and I breathed 150 times with movement of hands, it did not give me a sense of exhaustion. On the contrary, i felt sensation of energy throughout my body .

The practice is very useful and I think i can repeat it and even teach it to pass on these benefits to others.

To begin with ,I did not have any scepticism about the practice , but direct experience gained by doing it, taught me following :

1. I became aware of how shallow my normal breath was. The Brain Dynogram breathing was deeper as much as 6 times my normal breath. 150 such breath I took meant that within 20 minutes I oxygenated my body and brain nearly 900 times more .For me, it was a dramatic difference .The experience was a revelation .
2. When it was said that this intense process of oxygenation avoids liklihood of brain degeneration and associated diseases, i felt that it was true .
3. Overall, the Soil Brain Dynogram could be incredibly beneficial to every one. I felt that the practice is not just about breathing and feeling greatly energetic, in fact , it helps expansion of consciousness, increase in livelines and indeed helps connectivity with everything that exists .
4. Overall it was a good experience for me.
I see on it as an opportunity to educate others in a very useful learning for life.
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