A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


My first experience of being enclosed touch with my self. I learnt how to start a new day

First day learning: 24.09.2015
Practice: My experience with Soil methodologies of changing relationship with Life and with Energized living .
Time devoted: 6 minutes
Frequency: Daily
I am Ms Snesha, 25, a Specialist Photographer and a professional User Experience Designer . I happened to attend one of the Soil future planning meeting. Until then i had some ideas about Soil but no knowledge, nor any experience about it . So I was invited to attend a practice session . Here is what i experienced : We did one Brain March and one Smiling Meditation. The effect is as follows .
  • BRAIN MARCH : Time taken : 6 minutes
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    After 6 minutes, i relaxed and reviewed what i had done and what was happening : I felt ligher, 100% energized. Felt good about the day. It was little tough today as it was first time. But i felt more energy in my torso than in the brain,. Legs were more energized than hands . I think i have found a good way to start my mornings as i felt 'something' in me, that was blocking my expression, had come out.
  • SMILING MEDITATION :Time taken: about 12 minutes .
  • It was Very relaxing .This dimension was completely new as an experience . I Used to do physical activities for a reason outside and around myself. But this meditation created a deep inner touch with my body ,mind and life process. I never felt so close to myself before. I think i learnt first lesson of what it is to begin to 'feel' myself. It was only 10 minutes but it was pleasant and profound experience . Now i like to begin my day with the brain march, followed by the Smiling Meditation. The Smiling Mediation 6 minute video we saw before we began was helpful and guiding . So far I knew what Soil was about. .But after actually practicing ,experience validated all the things i had heard about what Soil does to a human being by bringing him profoundly close to his ownself.
    First We had today a teaching session and you made notes .
    Practice we covered is called :
    "Upload and Download" consisting of :
  • Closure of eyes and sustained surrender to earth with merging with earth .
  • Rising very slowly breathing through spine 20 times anticlockwise, kneeling down to earth and rising again to do 20 clockwise rotation and surrendering to earth .
  • Rising slowly uploading from earth the creativity of life , it's nourishing qualities and strength and needing those with cosmos above with both hands .
  • Downloading from cosmos the abundance , peaceful order and it's quality of penetrantion into your body ,kneeling down to earth for second round .
  • Altogether 5 rounds with same or different upload and download contents .
  • Results:Very quiet and very energising.
    Name : Snehsha
    Designation : Co-founder of Lensplate (Food Photography) and a User Experience Designer.
    Age : 25 - Female
    Adreess: C-12, Neha APTS, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai 400049