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The first dynamic breathing exercise he asked me to try was SOIL March. It barely took 6 minutes overall


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I wish to put on record a very interesting experience i had with new soil practices i learnt in a very short time.

I am a commercial artist and Web designer about 22 years of age.I am a regular practitioner of some of the SOIL practices for last few months.

Last week i was working for the whole night. With absolutely no sleep, I contemplated not going for my regular SOIL classes, since I was tired and sleep deprived. But since I was around my Soil classes, I thought of just having a short visit.

When I entered the house I honestly felt I should have just = gone home and crashed on my bed, but my Soil orientor insisted on me trying some new exercises to experience what he described as ' Exhaustion Paradox'.

The first dynamic breathing exercise he asked me to try was SOIL March. It barely took 6 minutes overall. But the outcome was phenomenal. It took me to a different level of being alive, completely. When I first started with my right side, I felt like my left side was completely numb compared to the energized right side. I could feel the flow of blood and energy on the whole of my right side of the body.

Immediately, to balance it out I started Soil march with the left side. Once I had finished, I felt like I had energized my whole of left side of the body including the brain just as it happens with my vigorous morning exercises. Finally i marched for energizing the central part of my body. Altogether all this took 9 minutes.

Amazingly, I no more felt like I hadn't slept the whole night.It was a real paradoxical experience since i had vigorously 'worked' when i was tired, whereas i should have rested as a matter of fact.

I followed this by CFCP ( Centrifugal and Centripetal gestural breathing exercise). This simply required me to sit on a ste absorb and radiate energy with harmonious and rhythmic circular hand movements for totally 6 minutes. Once I finished this, I took a while to understand how was this simple exercises having such a huge impact. I no more felt sleepy. I felt like I had just woken up from a good healthy sleep.

I don't know whether to call this a miracle or just pure wonders of Moving Meditation. I clearly knew that I had not walked out of the place, the way I had entered. I have been practicing these two exercises along with my daily ones ever since I learnt them and I can definitely tell that they instantly energize and activate me.

Sitara Shah,

Mumbai, India

sitara.shah7@ gmail.com