A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


You are our beacon of light. You inspire us. I look at you and get amazed



Linesh Sheth,

You are our beacon of light.

You inspire us.

I look at you and get amazed.

We all have heard lot of spiritual figures but never met them in person. That's why I spend most inperson time possible.

Even if I had met them they don't have flair what you have.

To be as a worldly man (playing our social roles and responsibilities) and spiritual simultaneously is willar attracted me most.

I would like to emulate it and will definitely spread light all over the world with the help of technology!

Abishek, to me is a very genuine, light and joyous person. I commend him for his journey. Anuj and others and my brothers and sisters of SOIL family.

Love you all



Abhishek has become a vital part of Soil and also of Meaninful friendship group

Many young are searching what to do with life given to them,what to work for besides their occupation with job so that they rise internally.

Some even do not have an idea if life and meaning of life are connected.

Some even do not know what they can give to the world other than things like gifts and charities.

This is the scenario prevailing all around the world.

Fact is that Wthout giving in life, there is only consumerism. In consumerism one begins to use the world, including people, the human beings, as things he can make use of. Every object, every opportunity is seen as a material for me, my self and my profit. There us no humanness.

Abhishek, by his active participation and even support, is finding what gives meaning to life, when he contributes for welfare of others without self interest

Under orientation of Fernando of Humanist movement, years back, I followed this path of voluntarily, of giving to the world. Then Parimal did, Sidharth in USA joined to start teaching and doing lot of things. Then Anuj took over responsibilities, and now Abhishek.

Possibly Jaywant, Prajakta, Vishakha, Pratik , Nimesh and Purav and Shivleela will follow.

Thus Tree of Soil will go on flowering

You are not the students, you are light to the world. The world around us, however small, will get illuminated with the light you spread.