A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Sidharth from Boston USA on his experiences with SOIL


I met with Linesh Sheth as a chance, fluke. It was a meaningful concidence, my destiny or call it synchrodestiny. Whatever that may be and however it may be one thing is for sure that it has transformed my Life!!

Before I met him, I was a regular decent guy with average capabilities and intelligence. Now over the number of years and regular meeting him every year has taken me to places which I can't describe. Peace, joy, happyness are abundant in my life. Life is a symphony, everything happens and everything is beautiful.

My connection with higher self is stronger day by day. Whatever I think happens to me.

I don't know how and why I met him accidentally but I know for sure that meeting him was the best thing of my life.

It was the best thing of my life because everything I have or everything good which has come was because of that.

The meditation taught by him over the years, the spiritual teachings and dialogues we have over the years has truly transformed me. I am truly debtful to him. I have met several people in my life but none as Linesh Sheth.

He is a simple ordinary household guy externally. But internally he is full of wisdom and exuberance. His purpose in life is to help others in several ways and bring their potential out. He uses SOIL mediations as a major tool to bring potential in others.

I have seen him Giving only with a smile!! Pure giving as nothing is asked in return. Only thing he asks is to attain your full potential that is also for your sake. I am truly blessed to have teacher and friend like him. Linesh Sheth, thank you for being in my life and wish you celebrate your birthday and many more to come.


Sidharth Gehlot

Boston, USA