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Unusual experience of Soil Cosmic Meditation

August 22, 2020


Today, I finished another two hours of SOIL meditation session and it was so profound.

My daily meditations are from 45 minutes to an hour 15 minutes.

Last weekend, I had more time and I was able to do two hours.

This weekend I repeated the same things and results were drastically better.

During my two hours sessions the thing which has changed is:

• SOIL brain march quantity of breaths. I am doing close to 120-140 each side in one go. Total 400 breaths.

• Along with SOIL blow out and kapalbhati.

• My witness mediation was very profound. I sat in silence for 15 - 20 minutes

• Usually, I do this for five to ten minutes and

• it give me great sense of calmness for whole day.

The biggest Shift:

The biggest shift is in Cosmic meditation, I am doing just three breaths upload and download but the time taken is eternal. I feel as if three breaths I am taking at lasr atleast then minutes, Experience of Cosmic oneness When I am up there with Cosmos, I am not there just "I" IS THERE.

I have a feeling and sensation of a float. I feel 1 am everywhere. I feel I am One with The Cosmos,

There is merger of my consciousness with the Supreme. In that suspended state there is pure bliss and pure silence. I feel as if I don't want to come down And when I do come down, I do it very very slowly.

When I reach to within my body, I do the download very very slowly as if a deep calm is penetrating into each and every cell of my body My breath slows down significantly. I can observe my breath moving spontaneously on its own with no efforts of mine. With the download there is a calm energization. I can feel tingling in all my body after my meditation.

I had such and calm energized feeling that right after that, I went for 20 minutes run and exercised for 30 minutes.

A Great start of weekend !!

Sidhharth, BOSTON, USA