A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Story of a mediocre to a meaningful life by Shivleela Cholkhane


Shivleela Cholkhane was just a high school student when she opted to join a SOIL meditation group started in her small house about 18 years back.She used to run a nursery group from this house with just 10 students.

Group meditation with regular energy boosting breathing visualisations emboldened her. As her confidence in herself and in her self image reached new levels, she visualized a school where she will teach 350 students.

Though she came from a village as a barely educated house wife, she felt inner strength that sh had never experienced before.

She felt like changing meaning of her existence by instilling new morals in children and by introducing a method of always looking forward and upward in life. That meant constantly progressive and elevating way of looking at life.

With bank loan and initial contribution from some SOIL members, she built a school on very same place where her small house was located.

With her innovative outlook and great caring attitude she now has 340 students in her school called Little Flower Balvihar in Latur.

Shivleela has always remained an ideal teacher running a model school. She teaches Soil's Brain Activation to all her students on daily basis.

Shivleela is today a model teacher and recognized for her teaching ideals. The Photo above is taken on an occasion where she is awarded a medal for her outstanding contribution to society last month.

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