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My first experience opening up my internal barriers with Soil Practices

31 December 2019


Friends of SOIL

I am Shabnam, a mechanical engineer, working in a corporate company.

Although i am young, my present life style is more sedentary than being active. I felt my body, mind and energies were 'closed' and they need to open up to allow more freedom of movement.

I knew about work of SOIL in the field of energization through various testimonies I received. Today i got an opportunity to have a Soil session.

In context of the life situation i mentioned i received the first experience of both fast and very slow breathing which together amounted to 160 deep as well as rapid breaths, each breath carrying 10 times more oxygen than my normal breath. It was like 160x10=1600 times more oxygen into my entire being in a short time

The practice took nearly 25 minutes. My distinct experience is as if suppressed energies of my body, mind and vitality got substantially opened up. I distinctly felt enhanced blood circulation in my head and chest. My Breath was penetrating deep inside me. I felt as if my entire body had become more free. I felt more than 5 times freshened up as compared to when i started.

I had not experienced such a change in such short time any time before in my life. I think a closed head, heart and body are having a suppressing and suffocating effect on my life. I feel i have, by coincidence, discovered a way of liberation. I want to devote daily time for practice and learning more.