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Under a teacher's guidance, i learnt the triology of work on brain that consisted of three practices



Sanjeev Maurya





School oof Internal Literacy Mumbai: 400054

I am Sanjeev Maurya, 36, a Mechanical Engineering Graduate, specialized in CNC Sheet Fabrication machines.

For years, in my working life, i have always perceived life as a challenge, hardwork and a duty that must be performed.

When i came across teachings and practices of SOIL, the School of Internal Literacy, i understood that life is felt stressful and duty bound when we are loaded internally with lack of energy, inertia and lack of enthusiasn for living.

I understood that inertia, depression, tiredness, frustration, fear etc are virtual substances and they carry virtual weight in the body which mak the whole dynamics of the body slow and inactive.

And all virtual substances can be modified through intensive breathing, stretching and visualizing. This realization was new for me.

Under a teacher's guidance, i learnt the triology of work on brain that consisted of three practices:

• Brain activation of Medulla, Top of Brain and Front lobe - back to front and front to back. 12 minutes.

• Blood flow increase in whole of skull and in Medulla. 3 minutes

• Brain March - vigorous full breathing March to oxygenate left and right hemispheres and Midbrain. 9 minutes.

These exercises are so satisfying sand vigorating that i personally call them Body Breakfast.

My experience with meeting a Soil teacher was revealing of a new look and insight into life. It was both refreshing and inspiring.

Practising these exercises for one week made me feel as if:

• I have lost virtual weight i was carrying in form of inertia in my body. I Felt light bodied through out the day.

• It has made me more active, energized and refreshed till late night

I wish to continue throughout my life and teach others. I felt more more lively as if i am unfolding new dimensions of life.

Sanjeev Maurya


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