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With Linesh Sheth


My experience with Soil Practices


I am Remo Solari of Stark Italy. Getting to know Soil meditation has been for me quite interesting and precious

I started to exercise with a little of skepticism since at the beginning I was not feeling much but I kept my mind free and open and little by little along with the different exercises I started to feel better and in harmony Along with practicing exercises became more precise and together with this I started to feel more relaxed and silent inside.

Moreover I could feel the energy throughout my body. I'm sure with the more practice I be able to tune better the good feelings in my body and I will definitely keep on practicing.

Meditation also helped my awareness and although it is very difficult for me to express it in words all what I feel during my excercises....I simply feel much better in my body and my mind. Two exercises in particular,

1 the breathing marathon and have been very demanding but

2 the breathing super marathon very rewarding Rewarding because it seems it activates your blood circulation.

After the breathing marathon.! rested in standing position feeling the energy floating all over my body Particular feature worth mentioning is that my brain felt quite bright Then after a little rest, I started the exercise once again. Heart beat was constant but seemed a little higher while I lost the sense of the space. While doing both exercises my mind was thoughts free. Then I rested in sleeping position and my body I was feeling tickling all over my body My heart was beating faster but slowed down quite fast. My mind very bright and full of energy

The feeling I had is that the breathing marathon gives you a lot of energy but the Super Marathon(270+270 Rhythmic breaths) is a kind of further booster.

• No matter the physical effort | did not feel tired at all. On the contrary my body was very much stimulated and full of power.


Then I started cosmic meditation with 2 exercises. These calmed my body...I felt peaceful inside and thoughts free. I was able to focus only at the "precision" of the exercise, caring about breathing properly and relaxing When exercises were done I was feeling very well in good spirit and quite relaxed. It has been a great experience then I try to repeat everyday

Starting the day with these exercises gave me the opportunity to look inside myself and adjust the pace of my life so that I will try to be as consistent as possible. At last it has been simply a new great experience and need to than Linesh for his patience and his efforts.

Name : Remo Solari
Country : Italy
Mobile : +39 348 652 7011