A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Experience of Remo Solari from Italy

I am Remo Solari from Italy, an Industrialist and a businessman.

Today I somehow I came in contact with my old friend from india, Linesh Sheth. He proposed that we meet on WhatsApp video call to have a learning session of Meditation, called" Meditation on the third force within us." He said it is part of one of the practices of the worldwide voluntary of school of Internal Literacy called SOIL.

He guided the session by explaining about importance of constantly being in touch with this force of quietness, profound and meaningful solitude and inner strength.

To start with, I allowed my eyes to close all by themselves and internalize myself with every out going breath from within me from head to Pelvis to the count of 30. That produced a new inner atmosphere of inner oneness, perhaps lasting 5 minutes.

With that base of quietness I started deeply breathing in stages from my belly to top of the brain and lifted my both hands very slowly above my skull and had about 10 upwardly extended breaths. I lowered hands very slowly down exhaling the to count of 30 upto my pelvis I repeated this 3 times. Amazingly last round produced an undisturbed inner quiet for about 20 minutes, thus having an overall quiet and peaceful state of mind, the third force, for about 45 minutes.

As a synthesis I would say it was quite an unusual state of mind, as I met my new "me" within me as a new acquirable, pleasant, quiet and peaceful.

I would like to meet my "new friend" again and often to live with newness of life.

Name : Remo Solari
Country : Italy
Date: 05.10.2020