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Brain March

I have been part of SOIL for quite sometime, practicing the various methods i learnt to energise the body and the mind.

Today I did a new dynamic meditation called BRAIN MARCH. Prior to beginning the meditation, i was explained the functions of the left side, right side and central side of the human brain. I checked with Google and found that:

"Left side of brain was responsible for controlling the left side body. It also performs tasks that have to do with logic, such as in science and mathematics. On the other hand, the right side of brain controls left side of the body and performs task that have to do with creativity and art".

During the brain marching exercise I followed the following steps.

1. I started breathing in and from right side, taking my right leg up along with my right hand up to the top of my brain. I breathed like this thirty times.

2. I repeated the process on left side, taking my left leg up along with my left hand up to the top of my brain. I breathed like this thirty times.

3. Lastly I breathed in and taking my leg up one by one and taking both the hand up to the top of my brain. And I did this thirty times.

In the first round I felt somewhat exhausted within 3 miniutes but at the same time, I felt energized.

I felt activation on all the three side of brain.

4. I repeated the process three times for all sides of brain. At the end of the second round I felt more energized than first round and better activated. In this round I felt more energized then exhausted.

5. For the last time I did the full process again for 4 min and 30 sec.


The brain march lasted all together 10 miniutes 30 seconds. At the end of period, i rested for a while and checked, under guidance, The difference in activation I felt on left, right and Centre of the brain.

As a conclusion, I can say I felt better, more energetic and alert. I value this exercise as very important for doing it daily before going out of house. I was told that I should do this exercise with empty stomach.

My instructor told me the benefits of regular brain march as a great protector against epilepsy, Brain Stroke, alzheimer, dementia and brain disorders. He said the normal complaints like headaches, boredom, depression etc. are surly avoided and replaced by enthusiasm for living.

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