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I first encounter of soil felt like synthesis of many mystical doctraine

First day learning: 14.10.2015
Practice: My encounter with Soil Mediation
I saw several videos illustrating variety of Soil meditations designed with different points of view for a practitioner to choose what he wants to gain from what he does . I am myself a long time devotional meditator.

After practically experiencing few of Soil meditations i now feel that, in essence, Soil's way of illustrating and teaching is a well balanced synthesis of several mystics from Zen, Tao, Meherbaba, Yoga, Osho and Yogic philosophies although i do not know how all this is inspired . This is however my personal view . When i entered Soil premises, i went with a habitual restricted mindset but in a small period of time , my perspective of mind got considerably enlarged in which smallness of my personal problems felt like dissolving . The particular concepts of Soil i liked are the following :

  • Soil's way of engaged spiritualism in which one communicates and gives selflessly to lose the otherness of others in the world as against withdrawing from it for personal salvation .
  • I really liked its height psychology to transcend personal interest in life to create a better world .
  • Another really relevant and truly applicable concept i learnt was that when we meditate as if we pair ourselves authentically with cosmos, there happens a wireless inter- transfer of data from the cosmos including earth.
    That data is in form of energy, abundance and joy in human body mind structure and back . I found this fascinating and practically applicable in meditations .

  • Overall, the whole experience for me was revealing ,enlarging and workable for one's personal growth .
    Name : Dr Rahul yande
    Adreess: Shri kripalu Hospital Behind Civil hospital Barshi Road Beed 43112, Maharatra