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I learnt Brain Energization by simple method in SOIL

First day learning: 23.08.2015
Practice: Brain Energization Meditation
I am prajakta cholkhane, Studying engineering. I practice Soil Brain Energization regularly for last few months.
The practice i learnt originally included guiding enegy upto brain with help of raising of hand, as hands are the Steering wheels of breath ..
Once i was comfortable with standard hand guided practice , I started doing the practice without hand gestures, replacing the process with the help of visualisation.
For the sake of record , I wish to share my experience regarding both practices.
Name of Practice :
• Time taken [hand gestures]- 30mins.
• Time (without hand gesture)-45 to 50 mins.
• with hand gestures : - Increase in activitation of Brain . - I was suffering constipation since 8 years, it wasn't cured. After practice it was cured.
• Without hand gesture - This practice is more effective for me than the practice with hand gestures.
Main benefits :
1. Increaed Concentration
2. Positive attitude towards everything.
3. It has changed my behavior pattern.
4. My calmness and confidence level have increased day by day.
Intensity of energy flow in body is felt during visualization practice, which wasn't noticed with hand gesture practice.
Name : Prajakta Swami
Designation : Student, Engineering final year
Age : 22 - Female
Adreess: Little flower Balvihar, Near Ratnadeep talkies. Latur.