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When i preceded soil brain march before gym workout it changed everything within me.

Practice: Soil Brain March
I am Nitin Kawde, 22, coming from Koliya village near Rajgurunagar, pune., education B.A. For years I have been a Gym practitioner and now a qualified Gym trainer.
I came across teachings of SOIL from what I heard from others who were doing Soil energy practices for sometime. One of the Soil instructors took personal interest in my growth and first taught me Soil Brain March.
The Brain March asked me to march, more or less on the spot. First I slowly and calmly closed my eyes.
After about half a minute, I started the march, lifting both my right leg and right hand simultaneously and go on breathing in from right side until 120 march.
During the march I most importantly noticed that I was constantly breathing from right nostril.
I repeated same process from left leg and also centrally from spine each 120 times before resting on floor for 10 minutes.
I am doing regularly Brain March before I go for Gym practice. My experience is that:
• In Gym I used to workout for 50 minute and used to feel exhausted- more tired than energetic.
• When I preceded it by doing a 12 minute march, including rest, I experienced that I felt very energetic while doing the workout. Initial lethargy I used to feel before start had completely vanished.
• I feel very energetic throughout the day and particularly my local train journey does not wear me out as it used to.
I learnt so far three practices, was personally followed up and I am doing all of them with great interest. I want to affirm specially that everything was imparted without charging or expecting anything in return. I was only encouraged to teach it to others in the same way that I received it.
Name : Nitin kawde
Designation : B.A. For years I have been a Gym practitioner and now a qualified Gym trainer.
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