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With Linesh Sheth


Height psychology creates an experience of going beyond present situation of mind with soil meditation

Practice: Brain Expansion Mediation
First day learning: 29. 10. 2015
Time devoted: 17 minutes
I was explained the technology of Brain expansion in context of height psychology of meditation that works always to transcend the existing limits of our brain and its capacities .
The actual experience lasted 17 minutes and i experienced truly the following :
As compared to when i started , i felt an overall energization level expanded two times .It was not just brain that expanded change, but my whole being, and my perception of presence in life that changed drastically .
It was easy for me to do it and i can repeat more effectively by being slow at my time. Overall, it was a an experience of expansion of my being.
Name : Neha Nahata
Adreess: Rajasthan