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I experience openess as barriers within me were broken

Coming across SOIL was a pure chance when I met one of the Soil volunteers in a Sound Gong Meditation session last month. I decided to give Soil practices a try by attending a practice session.
I tried for first time a 14 minute Brain Expansion practice that is based on principle that;
• Image precedes action.
• Visualization creates action.
• Our body and mind tend to support what we visualize.
• If we Visualize regularly the expansion of our brain capacity by a trained imagery, it creates energization of brain structure in all dimensions.
Here is what I sincerely experienced.
1. Feeling very serene, very calm, expanded and open as if some barriers are broken.
2 Throughout 14 minutes, there was full concentration, feeing of connection to earth, ecosphere, and cosmos.
3. I felt complete absence of thoughts or any interference during practice.
4. There was circulation of energy in the whole body.
5. . Never had such strong experience before.
6. .This was first experience of what is a moving meditation.
Name : Navin Ahuja
Adreess: Marketing executive, Mumbai, India
Mobiles: +919930575831