A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Experience of a medical doctor on Soil Brain Dynogram



I am Dr Mrs Mukta Bidikar, a medical graduate in physiology with a background in Yoga training. I came to SOIL, introduced by another member Mr Praful Vora.

After understanding my travels in life, my tendency to give in abundance to others and a history of Parkinson disease of my father, my orientor rightly told me that i was in search of a way that gives meaning to my life, in midst of meaningless-ness that surrounds me.

Our Choice in Life:

He said, we have a choice in life : either meaninglessness absorbs us or we give direction to life that transcends it so that we become the reference for others.

If we choose the path of meaning, it is necessary for us to learn through short practices, how to increase our force of life and give direction to it. That force gives strength to our character. Ways are through learning practices that generate abundant energy in us.


Under initial instructions I learnt for the first time Cosmic breathing practices, called Brain Dynogram.

It released through physical and visualized stretches so much energy in few minutes that, at times, i felt my body cannot bear.

Main features of practice:

The whole practice consisted of

• generating energy through breath.

• giving direction to that Energy and

• storing the energy in different sections of the body.

BRAIN DYNOGRAM generated so much of Energy that at times i felt as if i had a new transcendent level that was actual, as if it was coming in waves, not just a glimpse. Yet there was no increase of heart rate.

There were no thoughts, no sounds a great silence, there was nothing, I was completely awake in nothingness.

To Sum-Up: I would sum up the process as under:

1) The intensity was something I had never experienced before.

2) I felt like exploring the potential again.

3) I would like to know how I can store the energy that i could generate.


A new dimension I discovered is that things have no meaning in themselves. We are the giver of meaning. And when we give meaning, rhythm and direction to our breath, we open the ways of our transformation.

I would like to regularize Brain Dynogram In my morning practice time.

Dr Mrs Mukta Bidikar