A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth




I am Mubeen Farooqi. By profession i am a writer.

Today i was introduced to SOIL as a School of Internal Literacy wherein we follow a line of practices that open the path of our internal progress towards becoming a better human being.


I learnt that our self confidence and faith in our ownselves increase when we fulfill the promises we make to ourseves. To kearn how to inject energy in all parts of my brain i learnt Brain Dynogram. I felt more relaxed, a bit more agile and energetic.

I propose to repeat regularly the first practice of Brain Dynogram and follow it up with its reporting Discovery of Inner GPS, A guide to the Inner Road

In today's session i learnt that, we have an "inner GPS" which helps us to understand where we are presently in life, where we want to go and what is the route.

The essence of life is breath. Through breath awareness, we can take charge of our life. Through proper breathing and mediation, we can connect with the cosmic universe and draw its energy to ourselves. At some point, we all should introspect where our life is and where do we want it to go.

Developing our internal literacy is the way to begin our journey towards Humanism, where the human being is kept at the centre of existence, rather than material objects.

Let us begin our journey towards our desired destination and achieve inner well-being by enrolling in the School Of Internal Literacy (SOIL) and becoming spiritually enriched human beings.

Mubeen Farooqi