A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


I travelled all the way to Mumbai from Delhi to experience new learnings about energy in my body and mind


From: Mrinal Gautam, Delhi



School of Internal Literacy,

Mumbai 400054

My Experiences with SOIL

I am Mrinal, 26, a graduate from Delhi. I travelled all the way to Mumbai from Delhi to experience new learnings about energy in my body and mind. I had experienced a strange energy manifestation few weeks back which attracted me to walk on this path so that I can heal myself and serve others.

I got introduced to SOIL, The School of internal Literacy, through a friend named Kiran, who had played an important role in guiding me in my search.

I met Linesh Sheth on 7th April, 2018 and got to know about SOIL. As I spent time with him daily 3 to 4 hours for 10 days, i learnt importance of contemplating about life given to us and its purpose. I began to realize how important it was get clarity about our way of living

What I needed and learnt from SOIL was, how to think in order to lift myself in a direction that takes me forward and upward.

Linesh Sheth told me that our desires and thoughts show first signs of newness within us when they are accompanied by daily energy growing practices. Under guidance of a teacher they are learnt more effectively initially.

I learnt transformative practices of SOIL, such as Brain march, Brain activation, and Brain Dynogram, Dynatec that involved smooth networking of Energy Centres of the body, Calmogram, etc.

I learnt from SOIL that we are surrounded by energy networks all around us through out the Cosmos.Energies of the Cosmos download into us when we visualize to extend our breathing to connect with these networks .Soil calls this important phenomenon as Cosmic Bluetoothing.

These practices experientially began to alter my energy levels and helped me get to a balanced state of mind. In my psyche, i moved from complexity of practices from different systems to simplicity of what is truly important, from confusion to clarity of what really matters in life, from way of life as pastime to a life that has purpose beyond my self interest.

Soil's methodology and guidance helped me to go deeper with my ownself with the help of practices I learnt.

The ease of understanding ; guidance and learninn have made me understand validity of Soil's concept and usefulness of other practices such as yoga and meditation.

I now feel more alive and alert because i am able to move life energy flow at will in my body. I imporantly learnt that i can direct the energy created by my intensive breathing to diffetent organs of the body I focus upon, including my Brain with the help of dynamic meditation practices taught by Soil.

I have begun to become more alive to have an objective and purpose in life that goes beyond my personal life.

Soil's methods of working with breath, stretch and visualuzation direct energy and its flow to dissolve any obstacles that existed moments before in my psyche.A fresh feeling of aliveness is something that always stays with me now.

Name: Mrinal Gautam

G/27 Gautam Nagar, Near Durga Mandir,

New Delhi -110049