A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Today had a learning SOIL session with Linesh Sheth and I learnt three dimensions of Life



• It begins with reconciliation with the world in which I give freedom to the world to remain as it wants to.

• feel, with serenly closed eyes, a great Satisfaction with the way! am, without any change.

• I dissolve the fear of future because I trust the universe take care of everything

I did this with harmonious and compatible breathing. All breaths were deep, expansive and harmonious.

It was a new experience of feeling "touch" of the breath within me as if i am one with current called Life. It took about 7 minutes for one round. I felt unburdened, rejuvinated and satisfying


I elevated myself from my pettiness of my internal breath, that moved only inside my body, to go upto the infinite expanse of the universe above me with both my hands raised in unison, with a feeling of ascent. I stayed above for one minute each time.

While coming back, slowly from the infinite universe within myself, I felt that I am encompassing the boundarilessness, silence and serenity of the universe in every nll of my body, until the pelvis and do

I do this downward till the count of 20 and remain with 10 breaths as rest. Five such rounds produced a feeling of great oneness, calmness and gratitude within me. It took about 15 minutes.


Expansion of myself through Torus breathing. I did the practice, WIL great slowness, feeling of ascent, perception and raising myself while going up

While coming down, I expanded on the sides till I reached my pelvis. There I stayed till count of 10 and began the second round. I did 5 rounds but what is recommended is 30. Yet in 5 rounds I felt relaxed, released of stress ang comfortable within myself as if I am perfect

I felt like myself and have not to worry becoming anyone, I will be shaped according my destiny. That, is the release of great stress.

I urge everyone to try this practice and I am available for teaching.

Manav Sheth

Member of SOIL

Email: manavsheth1997@gmail.com

Phone: 9820677047