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Story of formation of my character with soil's teachings practices

17.12.2018 Manav Sheth

Dear Friends of SOIL

I am Manav, Graduate in Business Management, 20 years of age.I am a regular student of Soil with irregular practice schedule.

However, today I completed 2 weeks of regular meditation in the morning. And I want to share how Soil's teachings are influencing my day to day life.

Now I feel more confident, more calm, more fearless and more proactive to take initiatives.

The No's in my life have reduced, 'Yes' have increased. I have started to be more understanding and patient over things. I feel that I am improving my relationships with people.

I have started to find myself in a position of wanting to grow more. I like the momentum ! have right now. I aim to seek greater dynamics in life.

One thing I remember from what i have learnt in SOIL is "not going into analysis of things. Just go on doing positive things".

This has really changed me and I have stopped getting scared of doing things.

After a long time in my life I have got the feeling of things falling into place.

All of this was possible, by my gaining two things from Soil's teachings:

• Increasing clarity of thought... And

• Eliminating negative emotions.

What indeed helped me was practice of getting positive energy from the Cosmos. That's what I repeat whenever I inhale and exhale.

Repetition, Actualization and Visualisation have produced bigger thoughts and greater actions within me.

I was not giving daily updates because I wanted to first maintain regularity and adherence. Now that I see I am maintaining that, I thought of telling you this my friends !!! A warm hug to you all.



Sky Vue apartments,

Andheri West, Mumbai, 400058



Note: Re- published to show photo identity, with permission from Manav Sheth