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With Linesh Sheth





Dear Friends of SOIL,

I went to my teacher, Mr Linesh Sheth today, to enquire about his well being. He seemed a little pale. He was lying down on the bed, but he said he was fit enough to teach.

My Question:

I told him that my mind was full of incoherent thoughts. They created a confusion. I asked him if he can tell me more about bringing clarity to mind, how to think clearly and how to remain at peace

His Proposal

He said that we should do a meditation together and see what happens in about 25 minutes.

After 25 minutes of experiencing, discovered the following:

1.I realised, the chief characteristic of mind is emptiness. Anything present other than emptiness is furniture of the mind.

2.However, mind always wants to be occupied. It could be with thoughts, memories, feelings, fantasies, gossips or anything. It's happy so long as it is occupied, because the contents of the mind, rule the empty space, the mind itself.

3.Therefore, for the purpose of having clarity of mind, to think clearly and to be orderly, it is necessary that we regain empty space.

4.Regaining the empty space of the mind would mean that we learn how to replace the old junk or useless junk with something that is fresh, new energetic and pleasing.

5.However, mind is still occupied, but now it is occupied with newness, as the old mind is abandoned.

6. The process of doing this is to fll it with something that is neutral, yet ively and refreshing. One thing that fulfills this requirement and is naturally available to us is breath.

7 The important thing is to learn is how to breathe deeply, rhythmically and dynamically so that it is the ife that is born out of breath drives away the old junk.

-So this is the first step towards experiencing a new *mindscape*

The experience

I realized the above when my teacher asked me to close my eyes all by themselves without effort. Then he asked me, to count only the exhaling breath 30 times as they sink into my metabolism to reach until pelvis.

When I did this, I felt as if I was floating. Calmness was pervading everywhere. I felt very light, as if l am flowing like water.

Then I was guided, yet with my closed eyes to inhale 10 times through my legs till my forehead.

Upon completion, I felt as if a new burst of energy was charging mne. When I opened my eyes, I felt not me but my mind had opened. Everything that was old seemed to have disappeared. I was in front of empty space within me.

Then, I breathed 50 times in sets of 10, with a process called Torus. The center of movement of breath was my whole skull. I did this all by visualisation and without the use of my hands.

It was an amazing experience. I felt as if my mind was largely free of any contents. There was clarity, freshness and I felt as if I can think in a new way with openness, clarity and order.

This was a great experience of SOIL meditation and I feel that this is "THE MEDITATION" that I should perfect, as it has a great possibility to unleash my potential.

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