A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


My Involvement and Process This recount of the year 1976, more than 40 years almost to the day of this memoir



A Testimony of my Involvement and Process

This recount of the year 1976, more than 40 years almost to the day of this memoir, I was running a small business being a Mechanical Engineer. At that moment in time, in my mid 30's, with a family to support, for me, then, carving daily bread and setting the basic aspects of living were central to my life. I had a wife, two children, aged parents and an extended family to care about

Yet, for me, forever a seeker oft meaning. ing fueling pervaded, and after hearing Osha, I was captivated that ife must have a dimension beyand just surviving that I was as yet unaware of

It was then, in the same year 1976, that came across this message of Silo,through The Community for Human Development. Its volunteer, an Argentinian, Pablo Vergara, declared Life has a Meaning. He further said, "knowing one's inner self helps overcome suffering and unfolds the meaning of life.

These statements, beruft of any religious Import, Insinuation or alludement arnused u myvticl attraction to learn and to know more about its doctrinary philosophy and thereby better my knowledge and Self.

After joining, further involvement led to study of The 12 Principles of Valid Action and deeper study of the Triology :Inner Look, The Internal Landscape and The Human Landscape. These were discussed in weekly meeting and the tone, Self Uberation, was expounded in retreats What really got me into the work was the complete selflessness, opened and meaningfulness of people who taught us.

It is now over 40 years with the Movement.For major part of it, at least for the last 3 years, another Argentinian, Fernando Garcia, ariented the process of Humanist Movement in India, along with my colleagues, learnt from him the core of Humanist Doctrine, and what it meant as an emotion or feeling and, consequently, as a Way of Life. Fernando teacher, an orlentor and a guide par excellence, who got engaged in spreading the message of Immunization, teaching others in groups, orienting and integrating people We learnt to campaign, publish and take stands against dehumanization

I count upon some of my colleagues Jayesh Shah, Alyappa, Parimal Merchant, Nailesh Dalal, Lokendra, Suresh Melisa, Joet Menan, Rakesh Doshi, Viren Shah, Vipul Mody, Atul India, amongst several others whe possessed tremendous team spirit

My brother Lokondra, kis son Chaitanya, my daughter Nisha,my sons, the family at my home town Latur allot involved. Many of them are yet active while others are supportive

Peak moments in Humanist Movement were starting y first group, conducting first retreat, starting several groups in Latur, translating Sile in Hindi on the same stage in 1981 in front of 12, 000 people at Chowpatty in Mumbai, becoming an Energy Master, inspiration received from Femando's hugely detailed efforts for his book Humanism in India, starting The school of Internal Literacy (Oil), desiging Energy practicing videos and ving first tul fledged testimony in front of people at Patkar Hall In sil those moments i felt happy and exuberant because either ner was giving, learning to prove or was expressing what i had experienced.

40 years perseverance is the measure of dedication in an individual life's era. It is a dedication of a major part of one's Life time. In an enlightening and dynamic environment ike The Humanist Movement, such a long Association and participation makes one learn, experience and develop an insight into significant aspects of life. As a result, one move from aimlessness of simple existential life to purposefulness and from disorientation to orientation and from non meaning to meaning of life,

For me, this has meant shift

from living a self-centred personal life to one of openness,

from a field of simple routine communication to purposeful dialogues with people

and from a chatterful mind to a reflective attitude towards what gives meaning to the way i've.

Asi reflect my overall passage of life, realize that assaciation with The Humanist Movement has made my life value-oriented, prioritized and more reflective, It has made me conscious in taking a stand in each situation about how i can contribute rather than fou victimized,

1 have realized that

a life that is so centred primarily in receiving for oneself is an error.

an imbalance is created when things are not made to move topether but are kept in separatedness or Isolation.

life becomes meaningful and doors to volution openly when you rise above pettiness of a purely personal life in order to also contribute in bettering the life of others.

Today, I realize that more than a mundane lite, a meaningful life is tar more important. A life of continuous learning and balanced ving are foundations of a coherent life. And working to establish meaningful connectivity a around with the aim of contributing for a better world greatly -serves the purpose of humanization.

To merely thank Sila for providing me the chance to embrace something as noble as The Humanist Movement in this life is just not sufficient enough to express my immense gratitude. This gratitude can only be expressed when I truly fulfill to my ability, the task of humanising my world, the one I live in or in other words my immediate enviament comprising my family, my workmates, my neighbours and friends.

And slowly, we embrace the task of Humanizing the Earth!

Linesh Sheth