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With Linesh Sheth


I learnt that expansion of brain is possible through visualization

31.08 2015
Practice: Soil Practice of Brain Expansion.
Time devoted: 10 minutes
I visited Soil place of practices in Santacruz by personal invitation. First 10 minutes of teaching were about essential aspects of life.
I learnt here that if we are bound by merely routine of repetitive life, it will stagnate and deteriorate into boredom and aging.
It is when we learn skills to introduce deep quiet, abundance of energy and spirit of elevating life to higher levels that a purpose and meaning enters in it. That changes our image of who we are. With the above in view, l learnt:
1. A way of unforced closure of eyes that produces a deep quiet within without any effort. It was quite a revealing experience.
2. A method of drawing energy from the earth, raising and circulating it within the the skull and the brain structure from back of the body through spine, from front of the body and from middle of the body through all the organs.(Trio Breath).

3. How to break the habitual limits of the brain by expanding them on horizontal,( X-axis), vertical (Y-axis) and Z axis.
4. How to feel the organs of the body and to recognize contributions made by mind and 'life' to my way of living. I learnt to smile to them and be grateful in recognition. This was the best part and very satisfying.
The whole teaching, its 'spiritual' point of view and its significance to my life were new and had flavour of fresh air.
It was very pleasant and meaningful.
I feel, it is vital to make this as my daily way of starting a new day and learn new dimensions of this work.
Adreess: 4/7 saraswat colony, talmiki rd, santacruz west mumbai 54
Mobiles: 9821365599