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Effect of Soil practices on neurologic disorder like twitching: Karan Kampani from USA tells his experience



School of Internal Literacy

I am Karan Kampani. I come from USA. on recommendation of my friend in India who has experienced positive results from Soil practices.

I have an ailment called Motor twitching in which your muscles move involuntarily in various parts of the body.The trend is towards increase of twitching every few seconds.

My teacher in SOIL told me that it is a neurological disorder to be treated by relevant doctors .However he said energy disorder and imbalance can cause problems and they can try to teach me how to produce, circulate and balance the energies and experience the first results in two hours.

Accordingly i tried, under instructions, Breathing method called Kapalbhati, Dynamic meditation called Exhaling Peace and Calmogram.

To my amazement my tendency to twitch was far more reduced, i had accumulated so much calm, a peaceful state of mind, that i was easily able to avoid tendency to twitch throughout the two hour period of practice. I felt, i had gained more control on myself.

Experiment with SOIL has been rewarding with an inner feeling that i can change my life by regularly following what has benefitted me.

Karan Kampani