A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Today I visited the place I truly belonged to, which was my own

To Today I knew how an experienced teacher can make you learn and experience Profound things in Life simply. " Jyotsna.

" Going back home.......... where i belong Was an experience i had"

Hello Everyone, I am Jyotsna. A mother, a social entrepreneur and very passionate about education for rural kids. I am also a Post Graduate in Development Management. I feel meaningful in sharing my my today's experience in the SOIL session i had. I say:

Today I visited the place I truly belonged to, which was my own. I felt I can find everything I am searching for in this place. I felt so comfortable. I felt I am home.

This is not some emotional story or a fairy tale. I am talking about my personal experience after which I get the confidence that my search ends here. I have found the door to light.

I met Mr. Linesh Sheth of SOIL (School of Internal Literacy) last month during a book reading session at SPJIMR, Mumbai and felt that a dialogue with him may give a direction to my 4-year-old cancer and certain psychological issues.

Today it was my third session with Mr. Linesh Sheth. We were discussing how one should strive for intentional growth instead of the mechanical growth, which makes us different as human beings. I learnt the science behind this kind of evolution. Its so simple yet so profound and effective, it is the 'Theory of Triad'.

When we mix two entirely different entities, the result we get is the third entity which is different from the previous two. So, we can mix smile with our breath to get entirely different state of mind. Visualization is a very powerful tool we humans possess. If we mix visualization with our breath, we can create wonders, like the one I experienced today.

Meditation in a quite and peaceful place is next impossible in big cities like Mumbai. So, we decided that we will change our internal location, our mindscape, and relocate ourselves from this room to the universe and meditate there while absorbing its silence and peace.

The good news is that this can easily be done by The Theory of Triad'. I mixed my breath with the visualization. I visualized that I am travelling upwards and reaching to the universe, staying there and including the universe within me, my body and mind.

I did this couple of times and the third time I started getting a different feeling. It was as if I reached to a place I was longing for, it was my home away from home - the place I truly belonged to

I felt immense peace within myself. I was where! always wanted to be - it was the store house of peace and comfort. Everything surrounding me started to settle down - no noise, no entanglements, no likes, no dislikes, no judgements, no opinions, not even my disease. It was so calming and comforting.

I cried. I can not say why. But one thing is for sure that this was an invaluable and endearing experience and I will never let it go wasted. Practicing such meditations daily can enable us reach the higher potentials of human capabilities.