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Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


A Serene experience with Soil that produced a new Optimism in just two hours...

I am Jyotsna, a mother, a social entrepreneur and very passionate about education for rural kids.

I met Linesh Sheth of SOIL last month during a book reading seminar called Manthan in SP jain Institute Of Management and Research.I felt then that dialogue with him will give direction to my 4 year old Cancer and certain psychological issues.

Today i had opportuniy of a two hour session of Soil. He explained that it is a concrete reality of life that though we are born on Earth, we are undividedly connected with the entire universe. And Everything in the unuverse is interconnected, in coherence and in harmony with everything else

Since we have our origin in universe, we essentially have to live a life of oneness with its qualities. That means we have to live in internal coherence, in close network of our relationships and in harmony with our body and mind.

It is when we live a life contrary to this, which means a life that is self enclosed, incoherent with our ownselves and in conflict with others, as if others are aliens, that our internal structure of body cells gets diseased and we remain in constant unhappiness with life.

He said, it is fundamental error to live a life of no intimate relationship with our body, mind, life. And to live a life of conflict with the world that surrounds us is root cause of our unhappiness in life.

To produce a great quiet and serenity within me, he taught me two profound breathing techniques from SOIL, The school of Internal Literacy, that gave me in a short time an experience of being unusually energised. They made me feel just in two hours more confident and capable of handling my problems myself. It was a new confidence. I felt life is good, it has a meaning and there are ways to tackle problems.

Importantly, I learnt that Nature is only interested in our survival, not in on our development. So we cannot live a life left to be taken care of by nature. Our evolution depends solely on us.

Today i see a bright future, and a lot of positivity in just two hours. A new born trust is my " take home" package.

Name : Jyotsna
Country : Mumbai, India
Mobile : +91-9820239306