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Being a consumer to a giver, from isoloation to integrity with the world... an experience of Soil meditator


Dear friends of Soil:

I am Juzer Udaipuri, an advocate and a solicitor. I have been a Student of SOIL and a regular practitioner for quite sometime.

Today in Soil Session we learnt the expansive direction of meditation. We learnt how to shift from concentration into local to expansive, from restricted to unrestricted. For purpose of simple understanding this shift was termed as "Transcendence."

I have been regularly doing Soil's Brain Dynogram and Torus pattern of breathing practices. Today! realized that they were more at body level. They largely created relaxation, activation and rejuvenation of body.

Today we understood that Geosphere, called the Earth, is actually a live substance that penetrates the biosphere living on It including the humanbeing. It is due to penetration of alchemy of Geosphere that a seed planted in it evolves into a tree.

Similarly the infinite cosmos that surrounds the Earth is even more alive and vibrant. And it interacts and downloads its contents into those who consciously contact it through visualization during meditation.

The net effect of touching the limitless cosmos in such a concentrated way and its penetration into our body and psyche creates a new phenomenon, different from a deep relaxation. They have clear flavour of something new, the transcendent.

I understood that to be a good humanbeing, is the change of our psyche into a giver than a consumer, more trusting than being transactional in daily life and more integral with the world than being just an individual. Due to this understanding my relaxation and awareness has touched new depth of experiences.

I feel, I need to master these practices to experience newness of life that is yet to be experienced as i seem to have found a way to be a better humanbeing in the world that is getting degenerated into dehumanization.





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