A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Experience of Soil Practices by an earnest student


I am Juzer Udaipuri, an experienced high court advocate. I have been a student of SOIL, constantly practicing Dynamic Meditation for quite sometime.


Today i practiced Relaxation cum meditation cum cosmic breathing technique. This particular process is called DYNETEC.

Dynetec derives its name from Dynamic Networking of Centres. Purpose of the practice is to weave connectivity of our own Network of centres with the Cosmic Network to become One with the whole existence.


Breathing is regarded as presence of Cosmic life within us. Therefore here it is used as a source that moves to merge with its Mother Source.The whole process follows a systematic breathing process.


When I followed the recommendations, it rendered me completely/absolutely relaxed. I felt an ease of being to an extent that I can barely utter or describe in words the profoundness I am feeling.

The practice probably lasted for 20 minutes. Relaxation was so intense that I was shifting between dream, sleeping and waking state.In waking state I expetienced a period of thought-free state.


Besides Dynatec, other regular practices i pursue are Brain Dynogram and Torus pattern of breathing. More and more i am getting familiar with my inner GPS (Global Positioning System) with ease like a fish can swim in ocean. I feel that I am inculcating in me a new skill to change my internal state at will to be free from prisoner of my own thoughts. I feel a sense of fulfilment as i get more accomplished.

Juzer Udaipuri