A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Even today I practice daily Reiki, Kapalbhati and yoga asanas coupled with conscious breathing

I am a member of SOIL and have known Linesh since last 40 years.

Then I was working as an executive in an American multinational company and assumed greater responsibilities as the years passed by.

Linesh has been my friend and spiritual guide over the years. I have learnt newer techniques of meditation and breathing exercises whenever I had an occasion to spend time with him. In addition I have explored Reiki, sudarshan kriya, Ramdevbaba yoga techniques (like Kapalbhati and Bhatrika. ).Even today I practice daily Reiki, Kapalbhati and yoga asanas coupled with conscious breathing. He has been constantly evolving better techniques to energise oneself as he is so passionate about the subject.

I have been able to remain healthy and happy so far and also been able to cope with stress associated with my work while I was younger.

In Feb 2019, last month, I spent time with him to update my self on current techniques after lapse I learnt new meditations, called: of a few years.

• Exhaling peace,

• Universal Torus pattern of breathing

• Brain Dynogram.

I have practiced each of them couple of times. I find them to be powerful compared to older ones in re-ordering life forces and calmness within us. I wish I had learnt them earlier in my life.

I also recommend youngster to Learn Reiki which can help balance energy within your body can cure some ailments.

I have been able to overcome my neurological disorder by using Soil's directional breathing with stretching.

Although my narrative is elaborate but wished someone may be inspired from its contents.

Jayvant kamdar



12.02. 2019