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With Linesh Sheth


18 minutes Body - Mind homogenization soil meditation

First day learning:
Practice: Brain Walk
I came across Soil through a personal communication with a Soil member this year. Since this introduction came very simply my first impression of Soil was of a small simple meditation project.It was only when i really learnt through my first practices that i realised, i am in front of a free and rare energizing system that has transforming potential for learners in the world.
Today i learnt following in a close to two hour session;
1. Brain Walk - time practiced 6 minutes. In a homely environment.
Effect: Before i began the walk my mind was unclear, unsettled and a little uncertain of situation.
After 6 just minutes of breath oriented conscious walk, i felt a sense of clarity, freshness and energy in left,right and midbrain region with an energising quiet. It was beyond my expectation.
2. My second practice was called 'Body Energy homogenization':
Time taken: 18 minutes:
Processes: Breathing with hand directing movements in a homogenizing way through different sides of the body.
1. It took altogether about 18 minute of breathing energizing session. The result was that i do not remember having such a balanced and exuberant energy laden experience any time before in life.
It was a most impactful brain energizing experience. It has so much impressed me that i not only feel it necessary to do it everyday but i look forward to next session with considerable eagerness.
I wish to be a part of Soil to teach this greatly benevolent movement in as many ways as i can and to contribute to my best capacity.
Name : Harshita Agarwal
Designation : Electronics and Mass Communication engineering graduated from Hyderabad but hailing from Kolkatta,West Bengal, India
Age : 22 - Female
Adreess: Dipti Pearls,near Goenka wedding hall
Flat no.701, J.B nagar,Andheri east.
Mumbai 400059
Mobiles: 7506894066