A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth




I am Hari Asrani, 68 years of age. I am alos a neighbour of Mr. Linesh Sheth and an old student of Soil.

Today I came to enquire of his health where upon he took the opportunity to explain a simple

Breathing Meditation that ended with an unusual experience just within 15 minutes.

The Breathing Meditation mainly consisted of focused deep breathing from tip of toe, to breathe above head in a slow rhythm with eyes closed, 30 times in each round.

This is an impersonal meditation which works with an earnest concept that you have received a joyful invitation from God to meet him.

He said "The way to reach me is through my presense in you in form of your Breath". That breath will guide the path when you fully Inhale/breath in above your head with both your hands.

When you "smile" at the end of inhale, know that you have met me in form of "joy". And when you exhale, I will leave, heat, and exuberance in every cell of your body... Do this 30 times, rest.

Then repeat again twice. Totally 90 breaths.

But until now "you" are in centre. After each 30 breath Expand youself three times on all sides as much as you can, to go beyond "you", to reach me.

I, Hari, followed the same pattern and here is my experience...

"My whole body became lively and heated in every cell through energy. Inertia left me, i was sparkling. I was feeling pleasant, soothing and calm." When I completed three rounds, it was sheer exuberance within me, very energetic, very rejuvenating, very lively.

I would like to do this Soil meditation every day, morning and evening to change my day.

Name : Hari Asrani
Address : Mumbai, 400054
Mobile: 9322652605