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In 30 minutes i experience intense energization and expansion of the whole structure of brain

12. 09. 2015
Practice: Soil Energizing meditations
I attended a Soil two hour practice session on invitation to try Soil Energizing meditations.
By profession i am a Financial Analyst for Stock Market, age 42, a commerce graduate and a Chartered Accountant.
Here are my experiences with two different practices
Brain march:
Time: 6. minutes
I could actually feel tingling sensation on right side and same on left side. Energy level was high. Freshness was high. Exoerienced a balance of energy on both sides -left and right.
It was a revelation for me that our inner states can be changed in such a short time from one to another level of elevated feeling of awareness. I would like to teach this to others.
Brain expansion:
Time taken: 23 minutes
We began with seeing a 8 minute animated video explaining the visualisation and gestures with which experience is done .Video actually was an inspiration. It prompted me to do the entire experience.
An intense circulation of energy coupled with circulation of blood in the whole Brain stricture was experienced. It was the backbone on which the brain expansion rested . It was shown to me how to visualise and perceive the Expansion of brain on X axis -horizontal ,Y axis- vertical and Z axis- Frontal .
X axis expansion tallied with my inner desire to broader my horizon of mind and perspective to view things to learn more. I think i have found a way to do this.
In Vertical expansion, I was not able to distinguish the difference but one thing that was certain was that my entire brain was feeling more energised.
On Z axis,or front side, i did not do as well as i should as it was first time ,but now i have learnt how to do it
I could distinctly feel that this was not a breathing meditation, it was, for me, a new realization of first encounter with a moving meditation.
Most important part of the session was the teachings I received regarding finding a reason and purpose to do any small thing in life. That tendency to seek reason triggers into seeking a reason to live. As a result ,it changed the context in which practice was taught and done.
Name : Dhimant Shah
Designation : Charated Accountant
Adreess: Andheri west Mumbai.
Mobiles: 9819508162