A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Story of An Extra Ordinary Experience of being in touch with The Profound Devendra Narula


Testmony of Devendra singh

I am Devendra Singh, a middle aged management executive in Mumbai. I was referred to SOIL by by a sheer coincidence by my neighbour Ajit Menon, who belongs to Humanist Movement.

For years i was basically in search for a peaceful way of life that can emerge from my routine. I did not know what to expect from a strange encounter with a simple house holder, whose strength was hidden in his experience, relevant knowledge and unfailing practice of years.

First of all he explained that random practices are good for maintaining health but transformation is a process like an earthworm becoming a butterfly. And that begins to happen when we learn to work with enhancing energy levels, work with visualizations and follow unfailing practice schedules.

We learnt three practices: Soil Bhrastrika, Torus pattern of breathing and exhale to spread profound peace around us.


* MY first practice of Soil's way of Bhrastrika for about 9 minutes practically energized my whole body, particularly my hands, head and heart ,unusually. It shifted my level of physical energy and I felt it.

* A new pattern of breathing I learnt and did for 20 minutes was called Torus Pattern of Breathing. After 20 breaths I felt a sense of expansion of my life force and felt that previously I was living with a squeezed and' contracted' life that was narrow. I was now moving towards an expanded life.

* MY third experience of spreading Peace in and around me was something I cannot find words to express. It was so profound, silent and quiet that i felt as if i had a direct encounter with the limitless that surrounds my existence. I could not make any movement, mental or physical. Amazingly everything happened effortlessly, harmoniously and without any stress.

I propose to practice this for 8 weeks as a prescription with periodical reaffirmation.

Thanks SOIL, thanks Ajit for this wonderful experience.

Devendra Singh Narula,