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With Linesh Sheth


A short Soil practice, profound experience

I am Ms Chitvan, a Physio Therapist from Boston, USA. Mr Siddharth (Sid) from SOIL in Boston taught us some breathing meditation practices ealier. I came today to SOIL in Mumbai to learn further.

I had about 47 minutes of practice session. I learnt meditation called Energetic Peace.It is hard to describe my experience. In a short time, i experienced Joy and true peace that my life had been lacking for a while. The spontaneity, inner 'location' and slowness of initial breath count produced a great experience of peace which later energized every cell of the body. It was profound.

Prior to this meeting, I always believed that there are powers higher than us in Cosmos that can bring big changes on contact, but I did not know how to connect with them. Today, through Soil breathing meditations that involve Visualization, learnt how to connect with and access them.

If i say what i am taking "home", it is the great potential of this technique that asks me to be consistent on daily basis. My concept about possibility of connecting with higher powers is no longer a belief, it is a conviction, a fact of life.

Another important realization i had today was that Nature, as such, is only interested in our survival, but not in our development. Our development in moving from one level of growth to next level is our responsibility. That requires us to have deep interest in own our life and its potential.

I feel i have learnt something truly valuable in a short time. I resolve to set apart daily a sacred time for being in close communion with the the most important person in the world--myself!