A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth



I am associated with Soil for many years. I was benefiting from every session but i had always kept my practice as one of the many things in my routine.

I did not realize that transformation of life begins only when practice of deep, conscious and dynamic contact with yourself is kept in centre of daily life, around which other necessities of life are adjusted. I have now reset my priorities to conform with this principle for past few months. And i am witnessing that this centrality of life gives different meaning and substance to how i live my life.

I have been doing different practices of SOIL. They are revealing to me that what we do, changes its meaning when we change its interpretation.

For example, during breathing meditation, When we treat 'breath' as Life itself, not as Oxygen or as the Living Agent, we distinctly experience "touch" with Life in its original form. Then when we breathe in, we perceive that the pure Life, not breath, touches every organ of our body.

When we visualize, with closed eyes, that we breathe in upwards to touch the cosmic life, while exhaling we experience actually a download of cosmic life network as if it penetrates every cell the body.

I experientialy felt that an intelligent element moves and surrounds me all over. Although / cannot define it, i feel its gentle spread, its penetration and its benevolence within me. I knew for the first time in my life that it is possible to directly experience the 'touch' of life as a vital intelligence.

I realize that SOIL meditation is all about being in 'touch'with Life as an intelligent current that flows within us, being more conscious and more lively. I realize that continuous practice will manifest as enhanced liveliness in my daily life. I am realizing that i have somehow found an experiential way of moving towards transformation.

Bhavna Bhagat

Architect and Entrepreneur