A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


Journey of life starts when you practice what you learn, synthesize those learnings go on improving then you feel, you make evolution a process of creating history of your life

A testimony of one who is writing history of his life.

My Learnings at different phases in Life: -

7 years ago, I was lucky enough to get introduced to SOIL and its practices.

As time has passed by, have realised that Life is a journey full of turning points and revelations.

Every human being has different perspectives to different phases in his/her lives. In my case, I believe that the most important characteristic I developed through practice over the years is to always look for insights.

My perspective towards any event or phase in life naturally begins with me looking within. This made me develop a strength to overcome and become a stronger person as I passed different phases in my life.

In my personal life, I faced many hurdles-a chronic lower back problem, a rotator cuff shoulder injury, an ACL reconstruction surgery and repetitive lapses of pain over the years.

In my professional life, after spending most my academics in Finance, I decided to quit my dreams of leaving the country and instead join my family business in the fashion industry.

Today, along with my professional dreams, i am about to start a beautiful personal journey with a loving fiancé. As i pass each milestone in life, today I always feel at my mental best to transcend and go beyond the nitty-gritty of the present.

One thing which remains constantly present with me is my newly acquired ability to stay positive through this journey. I discover motivation in every downturn through my ability to stay connected to myself.

There have been times I wanted to give up.l threw a lot of tantrums but I always overcame my emotions by my drive to move forward and upward.

I am far away from reaching my goals. I am far short of being a perfectionist. Howe one quality! have acquired through practice is to be a learner.

Recently I have meditating with the Om Meditation taught by SOIL. This helps me keep harmony in frequency. I believe whichever mode of practice suits you, the key is to keep yourself in Balance.

I wish to keep improving every year even though there have been ups and downs.

This gives meaning to my life. I constantly want to learn, and to always " look within" before judging or looking at others.

Avinash Sharma