A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth





Ashwin Vira lives at Nalasopra. He is a householder with a wife and three children.

Those who are in close touch with him are misled by his simplicity and appearance to treat him as an honest do gooder to help, connect and heal people.

Honest to the core, transparent in his utterances and absolutely trustworthy in whatever he does, he is a man of just bare means in his personal capacity.

There are numerous people who want to be of service to animals, birds, poor and distressed human beings but they do not know how and what to do to fulfill their intentions. They do not know whom to trust so that money they want to spend really fulfill their purpose. Ashwinbhai whole heartedly fulfils that role. People believe without doubt that if it is Ashwinbhai, everything is fine.

In fact people do this without knowing that in garb of a house holder, a genuine Monk is at work.

There are three dimensions of Ashwinbhai's services that we should mention:

1.services to animals:

Ashwinbhai daily feeds stray street dogs withmilk and rotis everyday for years every morning. Donors provide Rs.700 to Rs 1000.everyday för meeting theseexpenses.

2. Birds : Ashwinbhai feeds pigeons with seeds that they like also for years. It costs him about Rs 3000.-per day. The donors provide this money to him for years.

4. Human services There are great no of people. whose children need funds for education, there are others who need massage, and there are still others who are aged, lonely and in need of various kind of services to survive every other. day. Ashwinbhai has always been a great link to reach timely help, connection and require resources.

5. A forth and very imporant dimension of Ashwinbhai's life is his passion for being available for.necessary services and needs of Jain Monks of any lineage whatsoever.

He regularly and unfailingly visits Jain temples and understands the needs of old monks, Gurus and gives massage , helps collections of foods through Jain houses and essential cleaning services regularly.So overall, here is a true, simple and unbound monk who deceptively looks like a simple householder but in reality, his mission of life is to be of service to animals, birds, people in need and to old touring monks who have devoted their entire life for promoting religion.

Ashwinbhai is now ceremoniously becoming a devoted monk and will continue to be of service to the order of Monk

Personal History:

Ashwinbhai lives at Nalasopra, a distant suburb of Mumbai. His wife is Jyotsna Vira. He had two sons. Both are educated in a Jain monastery.

He served for years as a counter sales man at Beauty Store in Santcruz.

Ashwinbhai has high praise and immense gratefulness for his two employers who always were liberal to his call to serve people.

He feels specially grateful ti his wife Jyotsna Vira and his sons who allowed him to renounce the routin life of household duties.

In addition, several people in Jain Community who wholeheartedly trusted him in every act he did for others, today want to welcome and honour his entry to the sacred order of Jain Monks.

Ashwinbhai feels humbled by this collective gesture. He will join the lineage of Jain Muni...