A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth


It was a new experience for me and I not only felt calm but also felt composed in that moment


It was 2013 when I first heard about Linesh Sheth, whom I lovingly call Nanaji and have referred to him as Nanaji in the rest of this write-up.

I had failed in my first attempt of the civil services entrance examination and was not sure about the career direction that I wanted to adopt in the future.

I happened to go to Nanaji's house. We didn't discuss the failure, but discussed about life, our visions, our thinking approach and most importantly, he taught me 3 exercises.

It was a new experience for me and I not only felt calm but also felt composed in that moment. I knew I had experienced and discovered a new perspective on how I should go about with our lives.

From 2013 onwards, at regular intervals, I have learnt new exercises, and have had chats about new concepts with Nanaji.

At the same time, I have been regular with the practice because it makes me more focused, attentive, and committed to my everyday tasks. I have also started believing in the power of experiences.

From attempting the civil services examination to now working as a UX designer, I have experienced multiple roles before finally reaching the place where I am today. In this journey, I have faltered, but feared less. Most importantly, I have learnt to overcome my daily anxiety. I have learnt to handle and manage it better.

What I am truly grateful to this practice for is to open my mindset to a new way of living. I have started reading about and practicing mindfulness. I am more aware of my breathing and most importantly I do not tire myself with mundane thoughts or actions.

Now everything that I do is more meaningful and with a sense of purpose. Questioning but questioning with curiosity and with sincerity is a way of life. I will continue to learn from this and be on this path of learning and experiencing constantly.

Arjun Panwar