A Life Of

Learning, Relating and Gratitude

With Linesh Sheth





I met my teacher Linesh Sheth today since I was informed of his poor health.

However, though ill, I was happy to meet a smiling teacher who was sitting upright with the confidence and the hunger to improve his health.

I was wondering if it was proper for me to ask him to teach me, something deep that can be my discovery. He closed his eyes serenly as if he was asking Universe fora response.

When he opened his eyes, I sawa new teacher looking deeply at me. He said, Arjun, know this; " Forms and things come from Earth as a result of your effort, formless comes from Universe when you invite it serenly" Explaining further, he said a car comes from earth when you work to pay for it.But peace, which is formless, comes from Universe when you invite it to enter within you.

He said this simple meditation is called "Invitation to Formless" He said: "Residence of peace is Universe, location of relaxation is your mind. If you want peace in your mind you should download it from Universe very slowly by a Breathing Meditation."

Under his guidance, I downloaded calmness from the universe through my upper body into my pelvis very very slowly

And then l inhaled from the pelvis into the Universe again very slowly to experience Oneness with the infinite silence of the Universe to be One with energetic calm in my own body and mind..

In about 15 minutes, with a limited number of repetitions, I felt profoundly calmer and more settled.

I have decided to add this short but effective exercise to my everyday schedule. t accumulates calmness in the mind, heart and belly - the three centers of energy in our body.

After completing this exercise, I also performed Torus. Together these exercises have a wonderful impact on the body. While the first accumulated calmness in my body, Torus instantly developed energy in my body. It is a terrific combination of energy and calmness at the same time within a span of 15 minutes. I highly recommend everyone to perform this combination of exercises to experience the difference.

I wish all SOIL members happiness and growth in their routine.

Name : Arjun Panwar
Mobile: 9833745635
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