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Apeksha, 22, Female

First day learning: 15 .02. 2015
Practice: Soil sensory activation
Time devoted: 15 to 20 minutes
Frequency: Daily
First day problem: Having history of brain Tumor in the centre of the brain which cannot be removed surgically.
As a result there was less blood circulation on right side of brain.
Recommended medicines for 2 years but there was no improvement even when continued for 5 years. There was a complete loss of vision of right eye.
There was a occurrence of dizziness, loss of balance and no recognition of next step of staircase while climbing up and going down.
After 3 weeks of Soil sensory activation practice daily for 20 minutes results are following:
  • There is about 200% improvement in fresh feeling in Brain.
  • There is a mild improvement in right Eye vision. Now she can have blurred vision of things against no vision atall.
  • There is a very marked improvement in recognition of next step while climbing and going down the steps of a staircase.
  • Today an observation was done from 6 th floor to 4 th floor stairs of Tapovan. She climbed down rapidly like a normal person while previously she had to first feel each step before she takes the next step down.
    Recommended: Increase of practice to be twice-morning and evening from 08.03 2015.
    New practices taught on 8.03.2015
  • Soil brain kapalbhati 3 rounds according to capacity-3 minutes.
  • Soil Brain downloads (Sudarshan bhrastika) central with both hands Slow 20 times 2 minutes Medium 20 times 1.5 minute Fast 20 times 1.0 minute
  • Soil sitting brain march 20 times left and 1minute 20 times right. 1 minute.
  • Name : Apeksha
    Designation : household
    Age : 22 - Female
    Adreess: Sharad 9,BARC colony Anu Shakti nagar Sion trombay road Mumbai 400094
    Mobiles: 7709305539 upeksha 9561653932 Apeksha 7709954288 kiran