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A Breathing Solution for migrain and brain energization


Dear SOIL family and Students of Soil

Good morning

I am Anuj S. Jaisinghani from Mumbai.

I am in business of translating contents into different languages.

I am a SOIL member since Dec '18.

Recently, I was suffering from Migraine which is known to affect one's Brain structure and its functions.

I sought for solution from Soil breathing methods. I was guided to practice on WhatsApp vodeo call to six specific breathing methods as follows as follows:

1. Slow Breathing into top of skull

2. Breathing for Heart Expansion:

3. Sahasraar focused breathing:

4. Medulla expansive Breathing:

5. Pelvice Torus breathing.

6. Skull breathing:

These 6 breathing methods increase:

1. Blood circulation all through skull.

2. Focus on different parts of brain.

3. Balance in the brain.

4. Expansion of sensation in brain

5. Skull expansion with a lock at throat

After 6 exercises IExperienced;

1. Peace, Calm, Balance, Energy as if they are my natural states.

2. Wonderful wow feeling

3. Pain disappearance

4. Pain replaced by peace

5. Increased energy

6. Increased blood circulation

7. Temple within self.

I thank my orientor and also the Cosmos for the same.

Anuj Jaisinghani